look up

I have recently had a number of conversations and each time I hear the same key point “stop over-thinking”.

I have been living in my head again of late, and once more this internal focus has the simultaneous effect of paralysing action, and feeding the worry monster. Now, a little introspection is not a bad thing, but the kind of navel-gazing I have been undertaking is most definitely not helpful in any way, shape, or form. I have felt cut adrift, overwhelmed, and with no clear idea of what to do or where to start.

However, the phrase “stop over-thinking” hasn’t been too useful for me, because my focus has been on trying to stop what feels like a roller-coaster of mental activity. Needless to say it has been unsuccessful.

Today, however, is different. Because this morning I stopped looking down, stopped looking in, and instead I looked up.


What a change. Today is no longer a day where I am overwhelmed by my own thoughts, introspectively examining my own navel. Today I have felt more positive, and  starting my day that way has enabled me to take control of all these thoughts that have been overwhelming me.

I have discovered that sometimes it is too hard for me to mentally stop my own introspective roller coaster. Sometimes it is better for me to just shift where my gaze is.