painted nails and emotional outbursts

It is term two, winter is setting in, and the dreariness of everyday life seems more evident. On really rainy days the noise level in our house escalates to a point where I just can’t take it anymore, and then Mr gets home, and the girls get even more excited!

It is into this environment I decided once again to reinstate a sabbath practice. It has looked different for us in the varied seasons of life but as a family we decided the best thing we liked about our family was being together. So once a week we have family day,  where everything happens as a family.

The first week was wonderful, the novelty and excitement was great for the girls. Today, not so much. It is hard to say “no laundry” when you are toilet training. It is hard to have relaxed family time when one of the girls is sick and you are dealing with tears because “my socks got dirty” or “I wanted to be in front”.

But it was a day when we are together as family. I didn’t look at my computer today. I left my phone home more than once (shock horror!) We watched a movie, we played Lego (Mr more than me), we painted nails (me more than Mr), and we had a (disastrous) trip to the park.

It wasn’t perfect, and yet I still feel good about the day, like we were all fully present with each other. We took the time to really deal with the emotions, both good and bad, and work them through, rather than rush on to the next thing we had to do, (or wanted to do … ’cause anything is easier than a 4 year olds tantrum).

And maybe that is the key about this new practice of ours, it won’t always be a wonderful happy time, but it will be a time of genuine connection. Of wrestling with each others emotional outbursts and sharp edges, and maybe as a family it will grow us stronger because we put the time and effort in to be together even when it’s not all easy.