on PayPass, elephants and the little


I stopped at a pop-store in the middle of our shopping centre to purchase activities for the upcoming school holidays. The lady behind the counter was bubbly and in a great mood. She excitedly informed me that it is the first time that the pop-up store has PayPass. For her this little change made a big difference in her day.

Her enthusiasm got me thinking about little changes in my life.

Often we get focused on the big picture, the dream, the end goal. But that can be overwhelming.

Some end goals in my life right now are: finish writing a book; cleaning, sorting and decluttering my mess of a house; and getting my family to the end of term reasonably sane.

Just one of these by itself is overwhelming. The combination of all three is a recipe for hiding under the covers with a block of chocolate and a novel.

But what if I make little changes, focus on smaller segments of the overall goal?

Creighton Abrams, an American army general once said:

When eating an elephant take one bite at a time

How about decluttering one draw a day? How about setting a timer for five minutes to tidy a room, and see how much I get done?

How about sending the kids to school happy, by putting notes in their lunch boxes? Or planning a fun moment in the afternoon when I pick them up?

How about setting aside 40 mins each and every day to write? Or getting an accountability partner to check up on me?

All of these little changes are not that hard, and so much more manageable than looking at the big picture.

Little changes don’t just have to be in the pursuit of getting things done.

A little vase of flowers can brighten any room. A little classical music can change a grumpy mood. A little pause for a cup of tea can be the rest and refresh you need in your day.

Don’t despise the little. Embrace it.

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