seventy times what?!


I remind my girls to use their manners. I remind them to empty the sand from their shoes before they enter the house. I remind them to pick up their clothes, and talk kindly, and to walk in the house, and … the list goes on.

I finally understand what my mother meant when she said she felt like a stuck record.

I am tired of repeating myself. I am frustrated that they don’t listen. I am grumpy and annoyed.

This morning I had yet another discussion with my girls about things they should already know.

As he was leaving, I vented to Mr, ‘How many times do I need to tell them this stuff? Seventy times seven?!’*

The minute I said it, I knew.

Before he replied, I knew.

He said it anyway … ‘Exactly as many times as God reminds us’.

Wow! Thanks for that Mr.

Ok! Now I feel bad!

Because this morning when my eldest apologised for something she had done wrong (again), this was my reply: ‘Don’t be sorry, just remember and get it right’.

Yeah, I know! … I’m not proud.

Because we have a Father who reminds us seventy times seven. When we apologise, he forgives us seventy times seven.

When we stuff up (again), because we weren’t listening or we just forgot, or something else was more important, or we deliberately did the wrong thing, or for any myriad of reasons.

He reminds us (again) seventy times seven, and he allows us to apologise (again), and he forgives us (again).

What a picture of grace. What a picture of parenting.

So when my girl gets home from school today. I have an apology to make. I have some grace to extend. I have some forgiveness to give and receive. I have a relationship to restore.

And maybe tomorrow I will need to do that with her (again), because I need her to forgive her mum seventy times seven too!

Join me for the journey,


* Matthew 18:21-22

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  1. So beautiful, Jodie. We’ve all been there, but sorry from a parent is powerful. Xxx

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