Three life hacks I use to snatch time in my week

My eldest has a new turn of phrase that she loves to use, “life hack.”

My week can often be about the things I need to get done, and there are days when I don’t get a chance to do some of the things I would love to do, like read, write, and listen to podcasts.

I have been mulling over this phrase life hack, and I realised I have some life hacks of my own that I use to snatch time in my week.

Life hack one: snatching time to write.

My daughters are dancing, there is forty-five minutes of child free time. But I need to wait for them. Other kids are playing in the foyer and parents are chatting, but I pull out my laptop.

Forty-five minutes is a perfect time frame to write a blogpost. I put my earphones in to drown out the background noise and type away.

I find that using these little blocks of time intentionally means that I actually get my work done. I know my time is limited and it makes me focus and work.

Life hack two: snatching time to listen

I love podcasts but I find that my “to listen” list keeps growing. So, when I am watching my girls at their weekly swimming lesson I plug my earphones in and listen to a short podcast. Yes, I could probably get a blogpost done in this time instead, but I’m not willing to take my laptop to the pool!

I also listen to short podcasts when I am walking home from school drop off. Longer podcasts I tend to save for when I am in the kitchen, or when I am doing random household chores.

My current favourite short podcasts are The Next Right Thing and The Lazy Genius, which are both usually around 20 minutes long

And the longer ones are For The Love With Jen Hatmaker, The Simple Show, and Out of the Ordinary

Life hack three: snatching time to read

I love to read but often find the demands of house, children, appointments, and writing can get in the way. So, I keep a book in my car for the half hour wait at the school gate. I usually get through a chapter or two before heading in to get my girls.

I have been using these three life hacks for most of the year, and it means I actually look forward to these little moments of snatched time. As I head off to the girls’ dance class I am planning my post for that week. As I sit at swimming and listen to a podcast I can also watch my girls’ progress in their swimming. And I know every week day I get a little time to read as I wait for my girls to finish school.

Do you have any life hacks you use to snatch time for the things you love in your week? I’d love to hear about them in the comments below.


3 life hacks to snatch time for the things you love