The season to sow

The colours of the leaves are changing and the days are getting cooler. I now rarely leave the house without a scarf around my neck. We can see it coming, the change in season. But although officially winter starts here on the 1st June, we can not predict its date of arrival.

In the midst of this time of Covid, isolation and social distancing, there have been a number of phrases used: “unprecedented times”; “times of uncertainty”; “strange days we are living through”.

While all of these ring true for me, the word that I have used most in this time is that of season. I feel that this is a season and, like all seasons, it will pass … eventually. I feel, like all seasons, we can not predict when the end will be. And I feel, like all seasons, that it has something to teach us.

The word season has its origins in the Latin word serere and the original meaning of this word is to sow.

The thing about sowing a seed is that it takes a while for the shoots to appear. It takes a while for us to see any evidence that the tiny seed we placed in the ground has taken. And yet, that doesn’t stop farmers and gardeners all around the world sowing seed in the dark soil, in the hope that eventually it will yield a crop or a beautiful flower.

We have been in a season of hibernation, resting quietly in situ. The ground is fallow and ready. What have you been sowing in this season? What are you sowing for your family? What are you sowing in your creativity? What are you sowing in your community? What are you sowing in your faith?

It is tempting to minimise sowing of seeds, because they are so small. But let’s not forget that sowing is work. Sowing the seeds of collaboration and connection despite social distancing takes effort and intention. Sowing the seeds of honest conversation takes vulnerability and openness. Little steps daily to yield a future crop.

And this work doesn’t stop with just the planting of the seed. No, we have to both patiently wait, and tenderly nurture. For the seeds of faith, patience, hope and joy take time to emerge. Likewise, the seeds of genuine sharing may take many months to show their fruit.

Small beginnings are important. What are you sowing in this season? For, what we sow in this season we will harvest in another.

Peace be with you,

2 thoughts on “The season to sow

  1. Wise words, Jodie. I think there are a lot of lessons to be learned in this season, and hopefully we’ll keep applying the good ones when things get back to ‘normal’. I thought I’d be blogging about my upcoming book at the moment, but God has given me other topics he’s wanted me to write about. Everything happens for a reason. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I am not sure I want to go back to normal, Nola. I think I am now in a stage of redefining what that is. I love that God is redirecting your posts at the moment. Go gently, as you navigate your new normal too. xx

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