Present over Perfect book club: an introduction

Shauna Niequist books

I was in the middle of severe grief due to miscarriages, and I found this book called Bittersweet. I don’t recall what made me pick it up. Whether it was the picture of the crumbled chocolate on the front or the subtitle; ‘thoughts on change, grace and learning the hard way’.

Either way, it found its way home with me. As I read it, often with tears in my eyes, I was so grateful for this author Shauna Niequist. She managed to articulate her own pain in such a way that she gave me words to express mine.

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Sea, salt and tears

In December 1995 I travelled to Paris and studied the French language intensively there for three months. It is a city I have always held dear to my heart.

I have spent the bulk of this morning on the beach with the extended family. Watching  my girls and their cousins, their grandparents, their aunties and uncles. We have been swimming, and building sand castles, enjoying the sun and the freedom.

On the other side of the world people are frantically trying to find out if their loved ones are ok. They are trying desperately to get home in a city where transport has been halted for a while. They are trying to comprehend the horror of what has befallen them.

Me too, I am trying to understand why? And other questions arise with that.

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