through a child’s eyes

As a mum I sometimes get the idea that life is all about teaching. I spend my days in tasks such as teaching Bubba girl how to eat solids, and teaching Miss 2 how to put on and take off her shoes.

I have come to the realisation that I have it back to front, life is all about learning. Bubba girl, Miss 2, Mr and I are all learning.  (So maybe Mr and I already know how to put on our shoes and eat solids, but boy this parenting gig is really pushing the learning button for us)!!

The thing that I have found most amazing in this, is how God has taught me about himself, and his relationship to me, through my children.

Life lesson 1 : The concept of time is relative, the bigger you are the more perspective you have

Bubba Girl is 8 months old, and when she is hungry, she lets me know, loudly and at length. The only way to quiet her is to feed her. Miss 2 has a similar impatience, she does not yet understand the concepts of soon, later, or even wait!!! I find that I am strategic in telling her when things will happen. She cannot handle details of what will happen next week, or in a few days time. She needs to keep her focus close.

I am beginning to catch a glimpse of how it is with me and God. How he has a bigger plan, and I don’t need to know what is going to happen next, because I can’t yet handle it. How I get impatient with him when waiting for things, and nag him over and over again, and I can’t quite grasp the concept of soon, later or wait! How in fact I am the child and I need to keep my focus close.

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  1. Children are the best teachers! They teach us that we take ourselves too seriously, that mess can be fun, and to live with abandon.

    Being a parent also makes you realise just how big it is to sacrifice a child.

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