settle down; she is finally settling; it is so good she settled; I just couldn’t get her to settle …

These are words and phrases that I use every day in life with two young ones. I feel that I talk so much about settling and work so hard on it for the girls, but I can’t achieve that settled spirit for me, so this year ‘settled’ is my word.

Last year was a storm of activity, with our house renovations, the arrival of Bubba girl and health issues all contributing to a feeling of chaos and confusion. This year I am looking for, and actively pursuing, the calm after the storm. The moment when the dust settles and we see how everything has been shifted by the winds.

I know that life doesn’t always go to plan, (now more than ever), I know that things are sometimes messy and mixed up, and I know we have to be flexible and adaptable and accept change. But in all of this I want to feel settled. I want to feel settled in this house more and more each day, I want to feel settled as a mum more and more each day, I want to feel settled in my writing more and more each day,  and I want to feel more settled in my faith each day.

I find it interesting that this feeling of being settled is something I am going to have to plan for, fight for and work hard to protect, but I know it’s worth it.

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