… in quietness and trust is your strength.

I am in a time of transition, old things that I thought I no longer had any claim to, have resurfaced. And I am once again in a position of dreaming and leading, formulating and framing, shaping and bringing into being.

It is freaking me out a little, things happening, opportunities arising, people I am connecting with, all of the above happening not because I have brought it about, but by happenstance.

Things are happening and everywhere I turn I hear these words … gentle, quietness, trust.

Due to my busy life with the girls, I am forced a little to just let things unfold, I don’t have the time or energy to hurry them along, or force them in anyway. It is frustrating to me that I am not in control, and yet it is also freeing … I am not in control … in quietness and trust is my strength.