blank pages (… or how dare I?)

After the last post declaring that I am indeed a writer, I have oscillated back and forth with belief, and then doubt in my own abilities. To the point where the fear has paralysed me and stopped me from writing this post.

I recently found this quote and it resonated strongly with me:
“To create, you have to bury something. Either bury your fear in faith, or bury your talent in fear.” Ann Voskamp

So this is me choosing to bury the fear.

I have (self) published a collection of my poems. The poems in blank pages were written over a number of years. They chronicle our journey with infertility and miscarriage, the associated disbelief, grief and anger, and inevitable questions of God.

PS – Burying fear is not easy, I have sat here for 15 minutes wiling myself to press publish. Here goes!

One thought on “blank pages (… or how dare I?)

  1. Embrace the freedom of releasing the gift God has given you. xxx

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