Following on from my last post about writing and its importance in my life, I find it interesting that when I look back upon my life I can see how important writing is, but that’s in retrospect.

When I was a teenager, or even in my twenties, I am not sure I would have said “Hi I’m Jodie, I’m a writer”. And to be honest, even now I find it scary to say those words. But incrementally I have been growing in my craft, understanding slowly how important writing is to me, gradually discovering that this is something I believe God gifted me to do. I will let you know more of this journey in my next post … but for now I leave you with this:

I think it’s starting
I can feel the spark in my soul ignite
building slowly
waiting for the wind that will fan it
into a blaze
not an inferno
that’s too much for me right now
just a quiet fire will do

I think it’s beginning
tears well up with the anticipation
I want it to be here
but also not quite yet
the thought of the possible
being present
scares me

I think I’m becoming
into something I always was
into someone I could always have been
but I just didn’t believe
I had it in me