no plans

Mr has been off work for Christmas and the first week of the New Year. It has been fabulous, it has been fun and it has been frantic. Yep, you heard me right … frantic.

We have been blessed to have a number of friends back in Perth for this years Christmas and New Year festivities, and I have taken every opportunity to make sure we catch up, as well as the numerous other things that had to happen this holiday. All good stuff and great people, and we have loved every minute of it, but Mr and I have got to the end of our family holiday time, both just a little bit frazzled by our holiday, and both just a little bit glad that there was some sort of return to routine today.

Today I didn’t schedule anything. This morning the girls and I had to make a trip to the shops (bread and milk), and after that Little Miss asked if we could go to the library. “Sure” I said, ’cause we had no plans. This afternoon my sister-in-law and her girls asked to come over and have a swim. “Sure” I said, cause we had no plans. Today was a fabulous day, it was a fun day and it was a full day, but today wasn’t a frantic day. Maybe that’s another lesson in living lighter.

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