the half-written post

I have a number of posts that sit in my draft box, half-written, sometimes even fully written but I couldn’t find a photo, or a great last line. I have a number of ideas for blog posts written on scraps of paper that float around my desk, my car and my house. Sometimes the ideas don’t even make it to paper and just float around my head.

The clutter of ideas, of possibilities, of unfinished or almost finished projects is paralysing. So what do I do? Nothing. I let the mere fact of half-finished stop me in my tracks, and I find I can’t do anything.


It’s about getting it right, it’s about knowing that what I put out there is well-written, articulate, and has something to say. And as much as this is true, if I don’t eventually hit publish, then there is nothing said at all. And when I get it wrong as I did the other day, and hit publish instead of save, and an unformed, misspelled draft of a post goes out to my subscribers I find I get even more paralysed (sorry all).

Sometimes though when I look at my half-finished posts, I discover that they were in fact so very near finished, that they did in fact need so little effort to just find that photo, finish that last sentence or even just press publish.

It makes me wonder, how much in my half-finished life could be completed by just a tiny bit of effort?

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  1. Oh, I do it too! I just wrote about the over 100 posts that I have in draft!

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