imperfect peace

Someone walked into my house the other day, and saw this sign in my kitchen.


It irked her, she immediately wanted to fix it. I stopped her straight away.

Why? Because the imperfection in that sign is deliberate.

As a list-girl I want to be able to tick a box and say “now, at this moment I have peace”. But that is futile, peace isn’t like that.

I find that sometimes peace comes to me in the contradictions. Sometimes it is when the girls are exuberant and rambunctious and even a little wild, that I smile a quiet smile and feel peace. Sometimes it is when the storm is raging and the wind is up and the rain lashing, that I feel a sense of calm and peace. Sometimes it is when life seems most imperfect that peace surprises me.

We have had a turbulent few weeks as a family and I have been thinking about the big life questions. Tossing them around, I find that sometimes you can’t know all the answers, and yet you have the peace.┬áSometimes you feel the pain, and yet you have the peace.┬áSometimes you struggle (daily even), and yet you have peace.

As a sometime perfectionist, it is important for me to know that I can’t really achieve perfect peace, tick the box and say “this is peace”. Surprisingly, I have found that imperfect peace is just as good.