The quiet ministry of slow

The quiet ministry of slow

It is February, the beginning of my work year, and I still don’t know my schedule for this year, and that’s okay.

My purpose and steps for this year are not yet clear and (strangely) I am comfortable in the uncertainty.

I am sitting in a place of not knowing, with no urgency to know.

It will be made clear in its time.

I am carefully examining every opportunity that comes across my path and considering it, before I make a commitment. Or decide against that opportunity, as the case may be.

It is a slow steady considered pace that I have in this transition into my work year. There is a lot of contemplation and silence.

I feel like it’s a time of preparation.

For what?

I don’t know!

But I feel like this year will expand rapidly, and so I am resting in this time, soaking in the quiet, and the slowness, and taking steady sure steps.

I am letting the year that was past settle.

I am allowing time for all that was not useful to drain away, and for all that I learned to seep into my soul.

I am carefully considering what I add to this year and what I let go.

I am allowing space in my schedule and margin in my life.

I am trusting in the quiet strengthening of my soul for the year ahead.

There is a slow steady unfurling in this season, which will come at just the right time.

Until then I will sit in the stillness, and the uncertainty, and let the quiet ministry of slow feed my soul.