2018 and my word for the year

2018 my word for the year
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2018 has arrived. In fact January has one week left and we will be heading into the rest of the year. February brings with it the beginning of school, the end of the relaxed chilled out vibes of the holidays, and a return to routine.

So, I guess it is time to share with you my word for the year … connection.

As often happens for me this year my word has an accompanying phrase … creating connection, finding joy.

It turns out that connection doesn’t just automatically happen. There are times when I have to be intentional about creating it.

Just as there are also times when it is incredibly easy to connect, but I have to open up my eyes, (or put down my phone) and see it.

Connect comes from the latin connectere which means to bind together. It is a linking of people, where they are tied together. But the thing about ties is they can be broken by neglect, or insensitivity, or an unwillingness to listen.

Connection is something that takes intention.

So, in 2018 I want to in intentionally create connection with the people around me, starting with my family and my friends. And that is why I have taken so long to post this word this year. Because I have been enjoying the holiday time with my family, and catching up with friends.

This year I also seek to connect with my body, my mind, and my health better. Being intentional in listening to my mind and body, instead of taking my health for granted.

In 2018, I want to connect through my words, both spoken and written, carefully choosing them to create connection and not division.

Lastly, as always, over all of these is my connection with my God, because it is through him that I live and move and have my being.

And it is in connecting, and really being in those moments, that we find joy. In moments of connection we find the community of laughing as a family. Or the deep-seated peace that of a session of yoga brings to both body and mind.

We experience a moment of connection when our words touch another and they say, “I get you”. And through it all is the joy from living in step with our creator.

So, to start this year, I have four very ordinary and very simple intentions, but they are actually quite hard to live out. It requires that I be present, it requires that I listen, and it requires that I be intentional. It will reveal more to me as I travel through the months I am sure. Yet, connection is a word I am excited about for this year.

Join me for the journey,


2 thoughts on “2018 and my word for the year

  1. Oh Jodie, such a good word choice for your year! My favourite thing in the whole world is connection and when I think of the word I firstly think of God and people, but you have reminded me of the rest of what connection means and I am going to follow along.
    Hope that I can also connect with you personally this year;)

    1. The thing I love about choosing a word each year Anja, is it evolves and grows, and surprises me along the way. Inevitably I will find connection (and joy) in so many areas I haven’t even thought about yet.

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