ordinary joy

We had our air conditioner fixed recently. The next day I received a feedback survey by email. The job wasn’t finished, we needed parts. But still the survey came through. The next day I went to a local store. They scanned my loyalty card and before I knew it I received another survey request. When … Continue reading ordinary joy

on cultivating tenderness

On Friday my youngest daughter (pictured above) turns 7. And I will have a 7-year-old and an 8-year-old for a season. And it surprises me how long I’ve been doing this parenting gig. And how much I still feel like a complete novice. I'm still so unsure of what I’m doing and I'm still so … Continue reading on cultivating tenderness

2018 and my word for the year

2018 has arrived. In fact January has one week left and we will be heading into the rest of the year. February brings with it the beginning of school, the end of the relaxed chilled out vibes of the holidays, and a return to routine. So, I guess it is time to share with you … Continue reading 2018 and my word for the year