me, myself, and I … a challenge

sunset girl

The reality of my family life at the moment is that Mr is travelling a lot, at very little notice for unspecified periods of time.

This is a real challenge for me as I like to be able to have contingency plans in place, I like to be organised and emotionally prepared, and help the kids with that too. I am not a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kind of girl. Except I am … now.

And I have surprised myself with my own adaptability, my own willingness to go with the flow, with the fact that I literally take each day one day at a time. Do you know what is really interesting? I thought I had ‘me’ categorised. I thought I was one of those people that couldn’t handle sudden changes in situations (I was also definitely not creative or a writer!). Sometimes I think we don’t give ourselves enough credit for change and growth. I know I haven’t. But now I am interested at how else I will surprise myself in the future.

One thought on “me, myself, and I … a challenge

  1. love this Jodie. Our limitations are normally only exacerbated by our own mind! I am way behind in commenting and writing, but have been reading all of your posts …

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