the humble abode … a challenge

I don’t think of myself as a house-wife. I have a very feminist view to that sort of language and the connotations therein. But the reality of life is that my everyday is taken up with looking after my children, and keeping my house.

This has been a massive challenge for a professional woman who has chosen to be a stay-at-home mum. (Note to self: just because you choose one thing over another doesn’t mean it is going to be easy, … or that you will enjoy it 100% of the time!)

I dreamed

But slowly (and somewhat less grudgingly than before) I am starting to accept this is an integral part of my new role. So this is what I have learnt about what I need and what my family need from our home:

I need my home to be calm and peaceful – for my family who are involved in a number of things our home needs to be a place of rest and respite.

I need my home to be warm and welcoming – at the heartbeat of my little family is hospitality. We need to be able to entertain in a variety of ways, from playdates to casual lunch to drinks with family or friends.

I need my home to be organised – the unnecessary stuff that is hanging around our house is starting to get me down. As is the stuff that has not yet found a permanent place to be (after moving 2 years ago you’d think we had a place for everything by now!)

PS – these thoughts are fuelled by a few blog posts. I am absolutely loving the 31 days of abide by sweetwater, but in particular today’s post shelter practically, and also Darlene’s post words of reason