day 31 … celebrating challenge done

i did it

So good to type that title, so good! For those of you that want me to continue, sorry it is not in me to post absolutely every day. For those of you that have been waiting for this to be over … that’s it, done!

So in summary:

  • I have learnt that I am more stubborn than I thought I was, and when I commit to something that is important to me, I see it through.
  • I have learnt that accountability no matter how tenuous is useful for me to stick to my goals.
  • I have learnt that being required to access my computer and thus the internet everyday is a massive distraction for me, and part of the reason why (for me) it is not a good idea to force myself to post every day.

Now I am going out with a friend to celebrate, I will be back in November, just don’t expect to hear from me tomorrow!