Christmas connection

I have had a varied relationship with Christmas cards. There was a time when I sat with a stack of cards in front of me, a sense of obligation, and a feeling that I needed to write something meaningful to anyone I had ever come in contact with. That became exhausting and I then went through a stage of – Dear X, Merry Christmas. In more recent years my Christmas card list dwindled and became almost non-existent.


Christmas cards are slow, they take time and effort. When you put pen to paper, there is no spell check or ability to post-edit. They require care and thought. They are also private, it is not a quick easy Facebook post (Hey X, I think you’re great) or a general generic email.

Yet this year I find myself facing a stack of cards again, but from a different place. This year for me has been a year of connection, or reconnection, a year where many people have spoken into my life, to both encourage and/or challenge me. This year I am taking the time to let these people know, that in big or small ways they have made an impact on my life.

This year, although it takes time and effort, I am celebrating the tradition of Christmas cards.

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  1. And that’s exactly how it will be for those who receive them: a celebration of connection. I am loving this series! x

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