finding the joy

I met with some friends a few weeks ago and we all talked about our challenges for this Christmas season. From that discussion I wrote down three words … home, presence, joy.


Today was a standard Sunday, rush to get to church, wrestle to keep the kids occupied in church, finally sit down to listen to the sermon, wrestle with the kids after church, rush home to feed them before nap time, and then afternoon full of activities. Not much joy there, in fact quite a lot of grumbling, grumpiness and rushing (not all of that from the kids).

So, this evening as we were heading back home after a family meal, we deliberately took it slow. We detoured a little on the way to look at Christmas lights in our neighbours gardens and we exclaimed over the amazing sunset (totally outclassing any Christmas lights).

When we arrived home, Little Miss wanted to see our Christmas lights on our tree, so we all sat and gazed at the tree, and Mr played “Silent Night” on the piano. I cuddled my girls and sang (badly), Mr sang (beautifully), Little Miss sang the words she knew (and guessed at others). We talked and we cuddled and we sang, and before I knew it I had tears rolling down my face.

Today in my home there was presence and joy.

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