settled, connected, surprised

settled connected surprised

At the beginning of 2012 I had a word that I wanted to define the year … settled. As the year draws to a close I have been reflecting back over this year, and I have definitely felt a lot more settled in so many ways. But when I think back over the year, that is not the word that I think of first.

The word that defines 2012 for me is ‘connected’.

This has surprised me, as is not something I have been actively seeking, it is something that has come to me through random encounters, trying new things, taking the reigns once more of old things, and listening to the still small voice of my God. I am ending this year with great new friendships that I know will challenge and inspire me; renewed old friendships where I hadn’t expected to reconnect at all; expanded current friendships through shared joy, pain and (of course) chocolate.

I am still mulling over what I want my words for 2013 to be, but I am also excited about the surprise words that will come as I journey through next year.

Happy New Year everyone,