Today we have been preparing for guests to stay, actually it’s my niece so in reality family, but it feels like guests.

My mum has always been amazing with hospitality, and it is something she has gifted to me, a desire for people to feel comfortable and at home, in our home. One of the words I think of when I describe our home is welcoming … I always want it to be that!


It has been astounding to me to watch Little Miss today, all of three years old preparing for her guest (her cousin will be sleeping in her bedroom). Little Miss obviously has inherited the heart for hospitality as she has carefully selected and placed teddy’s on her cousins trundle bed, and chosen books for her to read. She hasn’t stopped asking me all day when they will arrive and is obviously preparing both her heart and her bedroom for her arrival.

And as I watch her I see the tangible outworking of the legacy that my mum passed to me and is now emerging in my daughter and it makes me ‘lighter’.

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