sitting with the silence

My intentional slowing down, stripping back, taking time, weighing each thing for the year before deciding, has an unintentional result.


It is overwhelming me at times, filled with nothingness. So I try to fill it. With my thoughts and plans and schemes.

And then I remember … I’m not doing that just yet. I’m waiting.

Then I find the hidden things in me surface, my envy, my fear, my sadness. So I try to quash those things again with noise and busyness, activity and endeavour.

And then I remember … waiting.

I am wrestling with the silence at the moment, I am trying to subdue it, make it not so … well loud!

I want to find a way to be at peace with the silence, to stop fighting it.

I have an image in my head of me sitting in the silence, sitting with the silence, and I wonder, is it possible?