the true cliché – it goes so fast

February is almost upon us and I feel like the year is just about to start properly. Little Miss is going to pre-kindy this year, and we just had her orientation visit this morning. I feel like my heart is about to burst, so excited and proud for her (she is absolutely going to love it), but also so stunned at how we got here so quickly!

It has got me thinking a lot about beginnings and endings, how sometimes they are gradual and organic, and sometimes immediate and harsh. Parenting is a mix of both; slowly the breastfeeds slow down and suddenly one day she stops; she can’t walk or talk, and then she does; some things faster than others – some things evolve and others just click.

I listen to everyone around me saying “enjoy the moment, it goes by so fast” and now I can relate. It didn’t feel fast in the early days of breastfeeding, or sleepless nights, or even the joys of toilet training. It doesn’t feel fast when you’re in it, but it is when it’s passed. I guess that is part of my living lighter push, trying to enjoy the moment – even if it does have to include interrupted sleep.

getting ready

I had another realisation of being a mum today, I am going to be a mum that makes lunches and does the school run now, a new sort of mum, a mum that is evolving with my daughter.