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After a holiday, after a sleep, after a pause or a rest, there is the time when you start again. The time when you pick up the things that have to be done and the things you want to do. But you also have to implement the decisions that were made in the clarity of the pause.

That is the hard yards. Some things have been easy, like culling the blogs I read, others harder like trying to go on social media fewer times a day. Some things are easy like deciding I need to trust my own voice. But it is much harder to open my mouth and actually speak (or write as the case may be).

It is very easy when you return from a holiday to fall back into old patterns, like familiar old clothes that actually don’t really fit anymore, or look any good, but they feel so comfortable you keep wearing them. It is much harder to try to establish new patterns, new habits, new ways of thinking.

So what’s the solution? I don’t know. But what works for me is: starting with the little things, the easy things and working up to the hard ones; remembering that if I fail I can try again; giving myself grace (I have called this blog onlyhalfwaythere for a reason). It looks more like a slow slog than a radical reinventing of my life, but I know that even a little bit of progress is a start.


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  1. I think the beauty of starting small is that you create a habit … something sustainable (as opposed to crazily jumping into a big project or change … that’s not long-term!) Looking forward to following along.

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