… and listening …

calm sea

The interesting thing for me about letting myself stop and letting my mind relax, was the way that I suddenly noticed the clutter in my head.

I don’t know about you, but I am very good at seeing clutter in my house, and tackling it. Whether that is buying more clutter holding boxes, or shifting piles of stuff to somewhere less unsightly, or actually dealing with said pile. But the internal clutter, that’s not so obvious.

And after of few days of stopping, I started thinking that maybe I needed to cut down on the number of voices speaking to me each day. Maybe I needed to edit the number of blogs in my reader. Strip it right back to those I really connect to for some reason. Maybe I needed to hide some feeds in Facebook. Maybe I needed to just limit my time on social media. Maybe I need to stop flipping idly through magazines and actually try to read another book.

Maybe I need to trust that this voice that God gave me is enough. Maybe I need to trust his gift to me. Nurture and develop it, yes. Work on it and strengthen it, and some of that is inevitably through reading other people. But maybe I need to shut out some of those voices too, to hear the voice I have been given, to say the things I have been given to say. Maybe …


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