I was caught by this thought on Pinterest today.


And it got me thinking about this world, and how easy it is to connect with someone. Through Facebook, through email, through other social media.

And yet there is a perception that actual conversations (face to face, as it were) are seen to be difficult and best to be avoided. You only have to travel on public transport to see this truth in this.

But isn’t conversation just finding a point of connection with people, finding common ground as it were.

I have had a number of conversations of late with people, and in reality it is not that hard to connect, to find that common ground.

It could be your kids, it could be your garden, it could be the food you like to eat, it could be your shared love of exercise, or a creative art. I started a friendship once by asking “do you paint your toes?” Honestly, it is not the question that is important but that you are showing interest in someone.

But a sure-fire way to not connect is when you don’t look up, don’t be present, and don’t show interest in others. When you don’t ask the questions, and when you don’t listen to the answers.

In my experience people are fascinating, and they are rarely what they seem at first glance, and I actually have more in common than I expect with most of the people I meet.

Is there anyone you could connect to today? At the supermarket? Waiting at the train station? At the playground?

There is a whole wide world of interesting people out there, and it honestly doesn’t take much to connect,

try it today,

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  1. Good word! 🙂 Definitely have been guilty of having my headphones on when I’ve gone for a walk or food shopping and disengaging from it all. Time to jump back in xx

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