School has started this week and one would think this would mark the start of my new rhythm for this year. But no, with one child in kindy and one in pre-primary we are in transition.

back to school

Transition is defined in my dictionary as follows:

change or passage from one state or stage to another; the period of time during which something changes

Which is an illuminating yet somewhat vague definition.

To clarify, for us it looks something like this:

  • a whole lot of pride mixed with a huge amount of wonder, and a healthy dash of disbelief as to how quickly we got here
  • sleepless nights
  • emotions just below the the surface, either erupting with the smallest catalyst or manifesting in constant continual complaining (even this does not give the feeling of just how persistent it is!).
  • a struggle to remember names of new class mates, and parents and teachers (and let’s face it my own children)
  • a ridiculous number of trips to the school to drop off or collect one child, or another (hopefully mine)
  • comparing myself to every other mother who has made amazing lunches; or hand-knitted their child’s lunchbox; or just seems to actually know what the heck is going on
  • signs on the leftover sausage rolls warning Mr “do not eat, these are for school lunches”
  • the cutest sight of my two little girls in identical school uniform right down to the matching plait (little miss kindy wanted to look just like her big sister)

It is intense this time of starting and finding our place, finding our spot in the music, in the dance, in the rhythm, figuring out where we fit, where we join in and where we make our music heard.

So wordplay for this week … transition.

How’s it going for you?