April reads – the blog edition



April brings with it the end of term and school holidays, so I have found it hard to read books. I have however read some fabulous posts around the web and thought I’d share them here:

Babe there is enough room by Amanda Viviers. If you read nothing else on this list read this one. There is enough room for all of us in this great big creative world. Let’s own our space and cheer on the person next to us!

Ann Swindell on pursuing passion in the margins. So encouraging for me. Understanding it is ok to squeeze some writing around the crafting, cooking, tickling and crazy togetherness of school holidays.

Seth Godin on saying no. I am still learning to think things through before I answer either “yes” or “no”. I really like this simple framework that Godin gives us.

For those of you on Pinterest I have a board where I pin all the blog posts I love so I can go back and read them again and again. Check it out here .

Next month Amanda, Elaine and I are doing another book club, this time tackling Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. So if you want to read along, make sure you order a copy. We are kicking off over at Elaine’s on the 1st May.

Join us for the journey,


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    1. Thanks for that link Hazel. I have listened to that podcast, but will pass it on to the others too.

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