the wardrobe … a challenge

Little Miss is tall and leggy, she was wearing size 3 dresses last summer and now that she is 3 those dresses are already way too short. She looks kind of incongruous in them, almost like she is younger, more childlike. When she wears clothes that are the right size she looks more grown up, like the little girl she is. And although her emotions and her actions don’t always fit, slowly slowly she is getting there.

I too have felt recently like I am wearing the wrong clothes, my old pregnancy clothes, or clothes that are ill-fitting, or outgrown. Clothes that no longer fit the Jodie of 2012. It has been very interesting as a process to try and decide which ones to keep and which ones go, something that I am still working through.

And then for my emotions and my actions I feel like there is a need for a clean-out too. The Jodie of 2012 might need to throw out impatience, and buy some understanding. She might need to get rid of quick responses, and purchase some thinking time. She might need to examine carefully what is the right look for her now, and discard those things that make her look more childlike.


2 thoughts on “the wardrobe … a challenge

  1. Yes! Inspiring! Feel like going through my wardrobe now -both physical and psychological.

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