I know today is my writing day. But here I am at 11:45 and this is the first writing today. Why?

Because I have been feeling scattered, not really sure what is going on in the days ahead, let alone the weeks. And I have too much information floating around in my head. Emails from both the girls’ classes about play dates and end of term activities. New rosters up already for next term’s class helpers. Mr about to travel again, an excursion, Easter activities, etc.

I just couldn’t get the swirling mess to subside. So I sat on the back patio with my diary, my phone and a pot of tea, and I spent the morning writing things in one place. Finding the email about one event, the text about another. Rescheduling where I have inadvertently got clashes. And you know what? Now I can write.

I now have all the information organised, and most importantly out of my head. There is a sense of a clearing of the fog, and a lifting of the weight on my shoulders.

So word play for today is ‘scatter’ and its relatives, ‘scatterbrain’ and ‘scatty’

scatter: to throw about in various directions

scatterbrain: a person who is incapable of serious thought or concentration

scatty: distracted

So here is to understanding when you just need to organise your thoughts and a less scattered week ahead,


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