On rugs and the voice in my head

photo 1I spent all of yesterday at a Rag-Rugging workshop.

Let’s put this in context.

I am not a sewer, I am not a knitter, anything to do with fabrics scares me, I can barely sew buttons back on my shirts, and I definitely do not do hems, ever!

In my mind my sister was the sewer, she was the fabric person, she was the crafty one, the creative one. I would literally find myself in a room full of people doing crafty stuff and shut down.

One of my very good friends asked us to make little T-Shirts for her baby shower. I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t cut out a pattern and iron it on with whatever that stuff is. I refused because I didn’t believe I was creative (sorry K).

And then something shifted in me. First I accepted that I create with my writing, then I accepted that I create with my food, then my house and before I knew it I accepted that I was creative.

So when my sister asked me to go to a rag-rugging workshop with her. Which involves, scissors, and fabric and crafting. I said “yes!”

I know I am still in shock too!

And you know the most amazing thing?

I sat in a room full of creative women, and I didn’t feel unworthy. I didn’t feel like I was incapable. I didn’t feel like everyone else was more talented or had better ideas than me. I just had a go, I tried something new, I learnt a new thing, and I didn’t let the voice in my head tell me I wasn’t creative.

I was the slowest person there to catch on. It will probably take me longest to finish my rug, But I don’t care.

Because I am creative, and I am learning to create something new.

And I am so darn proud of myself!

photo 2

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