What I didn’t expect from my word for the year

When I chose my phrase for the year in January ‘new rhythm‘, I was mostly focused on the latter part of this phrase. The idea that my life would have a different ebb and flow with two kids in school and trying to adjust to the changes that brings.

To be honest the first word ‘new’ is there because of these changes, like a new year or a new season, but I didn’t really expect it to mean much more than that.

Oh but it does!

new: recently made or bought into being; of a kind never before existing, novel; recently discovered; markedly different from what was before; fresh additional; unknown; changed especially for the better

I have been surprised by how many new challenges and experiences have come my way this year. I have taken on some speaking which is a new direction and challenge for me. As I mentioned in my last post I am going on my first creative retreat this weekend coming.

And all those definitions resonate with me.

New things are coming into being, fresh things I am discovering, things are different and I am changing for the better.

What about you? Next month is a new month. Want to join me in trying something new?

Rising Strong square

For the month of October I am collaborating with my good friends Elaine Fraser and Amanda Viviers in writing our first online book club. We have chosen Brené Brown’s Rising Strong as we are all such big fans of her work. Taking a chapter each, Amanda is posting on Fridays, Elaine on Mondays and me on Wednesdays.

We would love for you to join us, so grab a copy of the book, follow our blogs or Facebook pages and let’s dive into the unknown together,


Elaine – blog, facebook

Amanda – blog, facebook


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