I spent the weekend at my first creative retreat, with a community of women who were brave, vulnerable, creative souls.

The night before I left I wrote two words over and over in my journal:







The retreat was called “inspire”. So of course being a words girl I want to know the definitions and what that means exactly.

inspire: to exert a stimulating or beneficial effect upon; animate or invigorate; to arouse (an emotion or action); stir; to prompt or instigate; give rise to;  to guide by divine influence or inspiration; to take or draw air into the lungs; inhale; to breathe into or upon

We shared our fragile hearts over fish and chips, confessing insecurities and hopes. Tentatively meeting new people, trustingly opening souls.

We gathered around a fire. And with bowls of spicy paella in our hands, and Malbec on our lips we spoke of dreams that had died. And like the coals in front of us, we watched them be fanned into flame again.

We shared in the bread and wine on a hillside, with a chill breeze playing in our hair. And we let the words “it is well” settle in the deep recesses of our souls.

We learnt that we need to let go of normal; that we need to refuse to edit our our voice; that we need to be aware of our purpose; that we need to give ourselves permission; that no one can copy our voice; that we need to collaborate; that we need to ground ourselves in our bodies; that we need to face our fears in little bits at a time; and so much more

The weekend was lovely and full, intense and beautiful, challenging and comforting, loud and yet still. There was grace, there was wisdom, emotions were stirred and ideas were prompted.

I have drawn more than air into my lungs. I have been breathed into.

It is well with my soul,


One thought on “inspire

  1. Beautifully written, Jodie. Such a gorgeous snapshot of what we were all experiencing. So glad we got to share the experience together. xx

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