on seasons, gratitude and holding things lightly

One morning I found my daughter trying to sticky-tape the buckle back onto her favourite school shoes. The velcro that felt like cotton wool and scuffed toes, had for weeks given me the clue that these shoes were on their way out. But my daughter had been in denial, and it wasn't until that morning … Continue reading on seasons, gratitude and holding things lightly

new season?

We've been having some very confusing weather of late. We have had beautiful balmy weekends that seem to herald the arrival of spring and then wet and cold weeks where the wind is blowing straight off the antarctic. I am finding it very frustrating. I don't know whether to hang my washing or put it … Continue reading new season?


It's mid-February, how is your year going so far? Have you started a new job, moved house, new study? What are the changes in your life this year? In January everything seems exciting, interesting and sometimes a little daunting. By mid-February it has settled a little more and is starting to feel normal. And yet, … Continue reading adjust